Ryan Irelan

Information vs Knowledge and Is College Worth It?

Nelson argued that “the educated college graduate is not simply the same person who matriculated four years earlier with more information or new skills.” Rather, “The educated college graduate is a different person—one who has developed the innate human capacity for learning, to the point of controlling it.”

The article reflects back on a 2014 The Economist article Is College Worth It?

It's unpopular in some tech circles (especially those that skew significantly younger than me) that college isn't required anymore; that the money it costs isn't worth it.

With the caveat that you should never exit college with crippling debt (there other ways to make it happen), college is, dollar for dollar, a sound investment that can be your safety net from downturns and shifts in the job market.

We're seeing one of those shifts right now. As some technology jobs become commoditized and easily done for cheaper outside of (in my case because I'm American) the United States, the crunch for work will only intensify.

One filter employers will use (just like they do now)? College degree.

It's still better to have a college degree than to not have one. Four years is a minimal investment for a 30+ year career.