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Sling TV Review

David J. Loehr over on Jason Snell’s Six Colors:

One thing I really like about Sling: Say you put on Food Network and they’re in the middle of wall-to-wall Fieri3. You can scroll backward through the schedule and watch several days’ worth of shows on demand, or time shift the entire schedule, pretend you’re on Pacific time, whatever.

The inclusion of ESPN in these “cord cutter” packages is very tempting. It’s still what I miss the most after not having cable television for the last three years.

One huge benefit of no cable television is that we don’t feel compelled to have the television on at all. It’s the secondary or tertiary device now, with laptops being first, and iPhones and iPads in a close second.

(I’m watching House of Cards on my iPhone 6 Plus as I type this.)

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