Ryan Irelan

is building Mijingo and doing limited consulting.

Moving to Mijingo

Today, June 27, 2014, is the last day of an 8-year adventure. It started with Greg Storey hiring me as the first employee at Airbag Industries and culminated with heading up all technology and development at Happy Cog as VP of Technology.

Nearly a decade of client work has taught me a lot along the way and afforded me the opportunity to work with amazing co-workers, clients, companies, and brands. Happy Cog is doing its best work yet.

Seven years ago I started writing my first book, and a year later I published my first screencasts. That slowly built up into a small, profitable, successful side business: Mijingo. I was diligent in balancing everything; I worked every evening and weekend for a few years so I could continue to publish learning materials while maintaining a full-time job.

Last year I had the generous opportunity from Greg Hoy and Greg Storey to partner with Happy Cog and work with the team on some courses. The result was the popular The Happy Cog Way series of videos.

Starting on Monday, June 30th, I will be working full-time on Mijingo, following my passion to build training materials that help people, and growing a business that means a tremendous amount to me.

As Mijingo is now my full-time gig and living, there will be no shortage of updates from me, both here, over at the Mijingo blog, and on Twitter.

Let your friends, co-workers, and Uncle Charlie know about the Mijingo training courses that help you get more from your tools with step-by-step learning.

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