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Save Articles to DEVONthink Like Instapaper

One of my favorite ways to save articles into DEVONthink is as OCR’d PDFs with simple formatting. That simple formatting? A la Instapaper.

Instapaper has a very nice formatting style that makes web articles saved as PDFs readable and printable. I don’t save the article to read later, I save them to reference later. It’s important to me that they are self-contained (not links) and easy to read (not web archives).

To achieve that I use the Chrome extension to capture a web page with DEVONthink. When capturing I use PDF (Paginated) as the format and check “Reformat with Instpaper.”

In DEVONthink I get a paginted and OCR’d PDF with simple formatting. Any links are kept intact (but moved to parathenses) and at the bottom and top are links back to the source article.

My main use case for this method is when doing reesarch and planning for a new course. I’ll save articles I find and then store them in DEVONthink for later reference. I’ve tried several ways to save web articles in DEVONthink and this is the best I’ve found.

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