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Proper Index Cards

I’m not sure what happened with index cards. Most of the cards you can buy now are not cut from card stock but instead a heavyweight paper stock.1

You do not want those. You want these. Oxford 3x5 Heavy weight index card (I’ll leave lined or unlined up to you–I prefer lined).

My local office supply didn’t have them the last time I ordered, so I used Amazon. I just looked and even Amazon isn’t carrying them (third party sellers were but I don’t use them because they’re price gougers). You might want to stock up.

An alternative is the excellent looking DotDash notecard by Nock Co. They are quite a bit more expensive but you will get quality.

My video on how I create courses for Mijingo explains how I use notecards:

  1. I’m not a paper expert so if I’m confusing the terms “card stock” and “heavy weight paper” please correct me. Let’s just one is too thin and the other is a proper index card, deal? 

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