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Bastrop State Park

Bastrop State Park

Last weekend we did a quick one night camping trip at Bastrop State Park. We were here last Septemeber for the Burning Pine 10k race I ran. Even though the hilly park road had me finding a little religion around mile 5, I really enjoyed the park and wanted to return for a more relaxed adventure.

Bastrop State Park was hit hard by two disasters in four years: the 2011 wildfires during an awful central Texas drought, and the 2015 Memorial Day flooding.

The 2011 wildfires took out 97% of the pine trees in the park. Almost five years later, the carnage is striking and eery. I’m no forester but I’d guess it’ll take decades or a century to return to a rich pine tree forest (if ever at all).

Last year’s flooding (which also hit Austin metro area) drained the small park lake after it overflowed and breached a dam/roadway and emptied into the surrounding area, destroying a park road.

Bastrop State Park is very nicely outfitted park for tent and RV camping. Nice sites, facilities, and a YMCA-run swimming pool. We’ll definitely return.

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