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Dave's Scripting News

I’ve been reading Dave for more than a decade. Since 2001, maybe? I don’t recall exactly. Maybe it has been 15 years.

At the time I was still freshly back on US soil after a stint living in Germany (and learning German, and getting married). Back in school and with a bit more cash than during my time abroad, I started rekindling my relationship with technology, computers, and the web, after almost two years without regular internet or even an email address. Reading Dave’s Scripting News was a large part of that.

I read Dave through his heart attack, the RSS/Atom battle, and who knows what else. Dave strikes me as someone who is open about what he’s up to. He’s been blogging prolifically since blogging was a thing.

Oh, and he also helped invent podcasting. You know how podcast episodes are delivered via an enclosure in the RSS feed? That was Dave.

Why am I writing this? We need to stay connected to people who help (Dave continues to help, so this isn’t a salute to an old timer) create the space in which we work and make our livelihoods. It’s also been fun to observe him working in the Node.js and server-side JavaScript space, too.

You should read his blog if you don’t already. Subscribe to the RSS feed (the best way, of course) or pop in now and then to read his thoughts on politics, technology, and anything else that might be on his mind. He’s been a must-read for me for years.

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