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How to Wash Your Hands

When it comes to the latter, proper and regular hand-washing is one of the most important weapons in your cold and flu-fighting arsenal.

Those folks that know me well (hi, former co-workers) are aware that I am particularly careful about clean hands. I don’t think I’m a germaphobe (but have been told I am, which is a misunderstanding) but I do care that I and everyone else properly wash hands.

If you are male (I can only speak from my own experience) and have been in a public bathroom, especially an airport bathroom, you’ll know from anecdotal experience that a lot of people don’t wash their hands properly or, I hate to say it, wash them at all.

Proper hand washing (as illustrated in the linked article) isn’t only about preventing the spread of the common cold, flu, Norovirus or, god forbid, E. coli. It’s about proper hygienic care as a respectful human in a larger community. Disease and illness can be prevented by individual effort.

At our home we’re not hyper about hand washing but we have a few basic protocols:

  • When we come home from anywhere, we: take off shoes/jacket and then immediately wash hands.
  • Wash hands before a meal
  • Do I even have to say that you have to wash hands after using the bathroom?

I don’t like to engage in judging others but there’s no reason–none at all–to not wash your hands properly after using the restroom. Especially those disgusting public bathrooms.

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