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Two Years No Booze

Andy Boyle stopped drinking for two years and saw ( unsurprisingly) drastic changes.

I’ve learned a lot in two years, so I thought I’d share that with you, in case you’d like to take a break from the booze cruise. Also, that’s what I tell myself: I’ve taken a break. Maybe I’ll drink again. Maybe I won’t.

But overall, life seems to be a whole lot better for me because I took a break. Perhaps it could be for you too.

My drinking in 2015 went from very frequent (but very rarely in excess) to very infrequent (weeks at a time without a drink).

It wasn’t a moral decision (as it also wasn’t with Boyle) but a practical one. I was spending so much time running and working toward a race that I saw the extra calories and how I felt the day after even one beer not worth it. So I just stopped making it a regular thing.

After a break from drinking and some time to reflect on it, I was able to see how much it affected me. A little distance from drinking made me more acutely aware of how I felt when I did have a drink or two. It definitely changed my mood and motivation into the next day. That was surprising.

I’m not sure why I was more sensitive to how alcohol made me feel but I can only guess that when you spend so much time working on physical activity that you become much more in tune with your body. Now that I type that, I’m also certain that is why. After 400 miles on the road running–most of those alone and many without headphones-you just feel more of your body. How your foot strikes, the tightness in the shoulders, and every little creak and pain from the ankles to the knees.

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