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Running & Being by Dr. George Sheehan

A lot of running books seek to motivate through superior examples: “I’ve accomplished a lot, you can, too, by following my advice.” Or “I was once a beginner like you and here’s how I’ve accomplished x, y, and z.”

Running & Being by cardiologist, marathoner, and writer George Sheehan is written in a manner and tone of a doctor with good bedside manners.

Sheehan motivates the reader by turning himself and his thoughts on running inside out. He exposes his weaknesses, thereby making the reader comfortable with hers. It’s the ultimate long run with Sheehan as he digs deep into his head to make sense of running, his body, and his life.

The book is legendary and beloved in running circles. The copy I read was the 20th anniversary edition published posthumously with a wonderful note (titled “Family Words”) at the beginning to give new timers like me some perspective on Sheehan and the book. I borrowed my copy from the local library but I plan to purchase as an ongoing reference book.

Highly recommended for any runner, especially if you’ve had a few long runs where you had to dig deep while questioning it all.

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