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Infinity Wallet - Minimalist and Slim

For the last year I’ve been using a rubber band for my wallet. Not just any rubber band; it was product FN-09 from Field Notes.

I lost a credit card after my previous front-pocket wallet’s leather stretched out and required a certain number of cards to work. I searched for a wallet and then my friend Jason DiMambro mentioned that he used FN-09. Brilliant idea! So I used it.

But that rubber band started wearing down after a lot of use and I decided to find a new wallet. I stumbled upon the Infinity Wallet and it is perfect for me. It is durable, thin, and compresses whatever is in it so you can scale your cards up and down, as needed.

One day I’ll get to the point of only needing my watch and no wallet at all. But until then I’ll use the Infinity Wallet.

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