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Syncing Runkeeper and Strava

I’ve been using Runkeeper since I started running this past February. I chose it based on its reputation and, generally, I really like it. The app is maintained and improved. They even have an Apple Watch app.

But I also like to see my data in other services. Strava has a nice website and different approach to displaying training data. I wanted to try it out without switching services or losing some data in a service I might only use once.

To my surprise both Runkeeper and Strava have good APIs that make moving data between the two very simple…using a service.

I use a syncing service called Tapiriik, which is free for manual syncing or a small sum per year for automatic syncing. I opted for automatic because life’s too short for manual work. It’s open source so you can set it up on your own, too, if you’d like.

I approach any syncing services with caution and suspicion. It’s not that I don’t trust them with my data; I don’t trust that the data will match up in a way that is useful. But the syncing with Tapiriik between Runkeeper and Strava is just about perfect.

Because I paid for automatic syncing, my Runkeeper run data is on Strava within 20 or 30 minutes of completing my run (Tapiriik syncs every 20 minutes). That is perfect for reviewing my Training Log in Strava (my favorite use of Strava right now is to review my running data in a nicer layout than Runkeeper) when I sit down at my desk in the morning.

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