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My One Use for Apple Watch

Dan Moren has a good post over on Six Colors where he share his main uses for Apple Watch after 5 month of use. I suspect his usage is common among the early adopters who ordered a Watch the day it was available.

But I want to share my one single use case for Apple Watch.

On Monday–just three days ago–I purchased an Apple Watch. I walked out of the Apple Store shortly before WatchOS 2 was released.

It took me five months to purchase it and I only did because I wanted it for one specific thing: running.

I needed a device that let me glance at my running pace, distance, and time via Runkeeper. I used to do this via their audio updates in my headphones. But I stopped running with headphones because a) they start to hurt after 5 miles or so, and b) I need a break from noise in my ears.

I could’ve purchased a specialized running watch, like a Garmin or some other such thing. They’re very functional and they get good reviews. And they don’t require bringing my oversized phone on a run.

But I detest unitaskers.

The Apple Watch, after only three runs using it, is nearly perfect. The Sport model holds up to sweat, it’s quick to activate so I can see the details of my run (there’s a little lag when it calls back to the phone to get the updated data), and, using the Runkeeper app, I can stop and save my workout without pulling out my phone.

With WatchOS 2 and the availability of heart rate data to third party apps, the appeal of using the watch for running was even greater.

I wasn’t sure I needed an Apple Watch back in the Spring. But now I am. I plan to wear it on every training run and race. Goodbye headphones.

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