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NetNewsWire Reborn

A new version of the great NetNewsWire is out from Black Pixel.

Ready for a blast from the past? NetNewsWire, the venerable RSS reader, is back, with a release of version 4.0. It launches with both a $10 Mac app and a $4 iOS app, supported by a cloud syncing service.

NetNewsWire was the first Mac app I ever purchased. It was 2002-2003, I was in the last year of grad school at UNC and I had recently purchased my first Mac (a white iBook).

I was still relatively new to the modern web design and development world then, and reading blogs and feeds in NetNewsWire is how I kept up with it and learned as much as I could in between school tasks.

It sounds like this version of NNW is fairly different than what Brent originally created but purely out of nostalgia I am glad it’s back.

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