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Keeping a Routine with Due

Ben Brooks shares how Due has helped him remember the small things that are easy to forget or put off day-to-day: like eating lunch.

I figured out three really important things I need to put in there for constant reminders: stopping for lunch, stopping for dinner, and taking the garbage/recycling out the night before. I can’t even tell you how nice this is — and I am not joking around.

I use Due to keep myself on a regular, predictable routine every weekday. I have a Due set up to remind me to leave for the office at 8:30. To break for lunch at 12:30 (even if I don’t feel hungry). To write in my DayOne journal 10 minutes before the end of my day. And, finally, to leave my office every day at 5pm.

Because I’m 100% in charge of my own schedule (no one scheduling meetings for me without my knowledge), I can keep a very structured daily schedule exactly how I want it.

I leave and return at the same times every day. I eat lunch at the same time.

This even sounds crazy to me. But it works.

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