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Astronauts Don't Eat Freeze Dried Ice Cream

Some heartbreaking truth for legions of adults who grew up in the 80s: astronauts don’t actually eat that awful freeze-dried ice cream. We all pretended to like it when visiting Kennedy Space Center as kids or buying it in a science store at a local museum but it’s okay: astronauts don’t like it either.

So why no freeze-dried astronaut ice cream? “We don’t fly it,” Kloeris says. “If our crew members wanted to put it in their preference containers, they could; it certainly has a long enough shelf life. It meets all the requirements, but we don’t have any requests. It’s not like real ice cream, it’s more like hard cotton candy. And it wouldn’t be easy to eat in microgravity because it’s very crumbly, so it would make a huge mess.”

The Dark Side of the Spoon: What Astronauts Eat in Space

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