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Deutsch Perfekt Podcast

I’ve been speaking German since 1998 with varying amounts of fluency. My language skills were in top shape in the late 90s and early 00s when I was living in Germany and then studying German as an undergrad and graduate student back here in the States.

But over the last several years my skills have atrophied. When you’re fluent in an language as an adult, you don’t ever lose the language completely. But your sharpness with it, especially idiomatic language, starts to go.

Other than listening to my wife and daughter speak everyday (we are raising her bi-lingual), I don’t have much other interaction with the language.

This podcast is pretty basic stuff for someone who knows the language but I enjoy it because it deals with daily life language usage. When you are fluent but don’t use the language regularly the expressions of daily life are the first things to go.

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