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Thursday is the Only Holiday

Two songs for Thursday.

The first one is from The Features. I’ve known this band (and two of the original members still in the band) for almost 20 years. They were in the college dormitory next to mine. Later, after we all dropped out of college, I did FOH sound for them for a while. I met my wife while working one of their shows. I traveled with them to SXSW 1997 (I think they opened for Spoon), did some road gigs, and spent time recording in Jackson, MS.

One of their classic songs–and one recorded during that stay in Mississippi–is “Thursday.” Back in the day they closed shows with a raucous version of this song. When I saw them last week here in Austin they closed with it again. Never gets old, always great.

If you ever wonder why Thursday is my favorite day, this is why.

And a song with which, I’m sure, you are much more familiar.

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