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Preamble to a Guest Blog Post

I wrote a guest blog post for EllisLab about my Mijingo courses on ExpressionEngine. Here’s the introduction that I cut from the guest post.

Almost 20 years ago I landed in Germany on a one-way ticket with two duffle bags stuffed with almost everything I owned. I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t know anyone except a few people. I was a college drop-out and I didn’t have a job.

I learned German through an intensive, immersive course that used real world contexts and scenarios. There was no rote memorization of words or verb conjugations. I learned as I acted out daily life scenarios, like buying groceries, asking the bus driver for help, or going to the doctor because of an illness. It’s the kind of stuff that would be critical to know once I left the comfortable confines of the classroom.

I became fluent in German in less than a year because this was such an effective teaching approach. It stuck with me. As a graduate student, I later taught students German using the same methodology.

Today, I don’t teach foreign languages anymore but I do teach people how to use the tools that help them build the web. My students learn through these same principles in my courses at Mijingo.

Read the guest post on the EllisLab blog.

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