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Evernote OCR Recognized My Handwriting

This Summer I made the switch over to Evernote for document management. Previously, I used DEVONthink Pro Office, which I still recommend wholeheartedly to people who can benefit from its amazing AI that helps you find the information and files you need.

My needs slowly evolved to more archiving and notetaking so Evernote became a logical choice. I also needed better support across my devices, so I could snap a photo of the coffee I’m brewing this week with my phone or quickly take meeting notes on my iPad.

I was reluctant to switch but when I discovered this I knew it was worth it:

Screenshot of Evernote OCR handwriting

I regularly take handwritten notes–while brainstorming ideas, during meetings or conversations–and until I used Evernote I always had to re-capture them in digital form manually. No more.

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