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The App.net Appeal

Since they did the original fund-raising campaign I’ve been a subscriber to the App.net network. Now you can sign up, too. They gave me a bunch of invitations for you to use. Go for it. When you join, say hi; I’m @ryanirelan.

For me, at this point in time, App.net is a place where I can slow down and have real conversations with people I know and people I find interesting. Because you can write longer posts the thoughts tend to be more, well, thoughtful.

Over the weekend I was in a discussion about transcripts for podcasts. I think we are losing a lot of great information by not having the content of the many great audio shows available for search engines to crawl and people with hearing disabilities to experience in a way that works for them. The Internet has opened up so much information to the world and to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find it. Transcripts of audio recordings are just another part of that.

This conversation on App.net led to me to have a separate offline conversation about Mijingo sponsoring a podcast’s effort to add transcripts to their shows. I put my money where my mouth is, as they say. It’s not a big effort but I’m hopeful it’s at least a start. And I plan to do it more in the future.

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