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Jekyll Screencast

Last July I wrote about the changes I made to this site earlier in the year. For the last 16 months I’ve been powering this site using Jekyll, a Ruby tool that generates static websites from content and template files.

From my post last Summer:

This Spring I moved the site to Jekyll, which isn’t really a CMS at all. It’s a Ruby tool that generates a static website from a series of text files for entries and layout files. Every time I write a new entry (like this one) the site is completely regenerated. Movable Type did this, too, but Jekyll doesn’t have a GUI, isn’t a web application (you run it completely on your local machine), is free and surely won’t be sold to some weird advertising company. Also, Jekyll generates my site from Markdown files, which are just text files and will never fall victim to obsolete software. Sounds like a winner to me.

I love using Jekyll because writing and publishing is simple and doesn’t involve anything except my favorite text editor (I’m writing this in Sublime Text 2) and the Terminal application in OS X.

This morning I released a Mijingo video tutorial on Jekyll that walks you through everything you need to do to get a site like this one up and running. The complete code for the example site is included, too.

The video packs a lot of information into 32 minutes and you’ll be able to quickly get started doing your own site.

Learn more: Static Websites with Jekyll from Mijngo.

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