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A Review of the Leaf HD Antenna

A couple of weeks ago I installed the Leaf television antenna by Mohu. The idea is simple: most HD television antennas are expensive and are just horribly (over) designed. The Leaf is just a paper thin, square attenna laminated in plastic. Out from the bottom of the Leaf is a coaxial cable that you connect to your television.

Here was my experience hooking up the Leaf:

  • Unpacked it.
  • Connected the coaxial cable that protrudes from the bottom of the Leaf my television.
  • Casually dropped the leaf on the table next to my television.
  • Turned on the television and started a digital channel scan.
  • Poured a drink.

After the scan was complete I had about 12 channels. The network channels (and KLRU, our local PBS affiliate) were all in crystal clear HD. Just like you would get on cable television connection (but maybe better).

No cable box, no exorbinant fees. But also no ESPN.

The Leaf isn’t inexpensive. At $35 it costs more than a lot of antennas you can get. But, unlike other antennas, you can hide the Leaf behind your television, behind a frame on the wall, or–if you have good HD signal like I do–just about anywhere you want.

The results you get from it will depend on the signal strength where you live. If you have poor signal strength, you might need a big honking antenna on your roof or in your attic. If that is your situation, the Leaf probably won’t work for you. But I can’t say for certain because my house is bathing in broadcast signal.

In Austin the network affiliate broadcast towers are all just west of the city, less than 5 miles from my house. If you live in central Austin you should have plenty of coverage to get all of the channels without a problem. I looked up the coverage beforehand on the DTV.gov site and once I was sure I had sufficient coverage at my house I purchased the Leaf.

No matter what your reasons are for choosing broadcast television over cable, if you live in an area with good reception you should get the Leaf. I was skeptical at first but it has worked flawlessly.

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