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Block Apps on OS X with Keyboard Maestro

Previously, I shared how I block some political sites by editing my hosts file on OS X. About six months ago I also stopped reading RSS feeds, instead relying on a dozen bookmarks in Safari that I would read when I had time.

It’s hard to break the habit of opening Reeder every time I have a free moment, so I forced myself to not have access. Sure, I could have deleted the app entirely but instead I just used Keyboard Maestro to automatically quit the app every time I opened it and give me a reminder why.

Here’s the macro I used:

Keyboard Maestro macro to quit app

The trigger for the macro is when the Reeder application launches. After that the macro executes two actions: quit Reeder and then pop up an alert reminding me that I no longer read RSS feeds.

I used this macro for about 6 months and I launched Reeder less and less. I recently went back to using Reeder for tracking Twitter searches and other feeds to help me find links and information to post to my EE Insider website. But I no longer launch Reeder out of habit like before.

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