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Send Basecamp To-Dos to OmniFocus

On my old site I posted an AppleScript that made it easy to move Basecamp to-dos from your email inbox right in to your OmniFocus inbox. The script was a hack of epic proportions (cobbled together with help from other scripts–credits in the source) but it worked. And, recently, people have been asking for it again.

So, here it is: Basecamp To-dos to Omnifocus (zip)

As I originally wrote when posting the script back in 2008:

I’m sure that I am one of many people who rely on both OmniFocus and Basecamp in their day-to-day work and task management. One of the things missing for me was a fairly automated way of getting To-dos out of Basecamp and into OmniFocus as tasks.

The old instructions should still work and the script itself should work without any problems (that’s what I’ve been told). If you do have one, let me know.

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