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New Mijingo Python Videos

In the last week Mijingo released two new screencasts. Both videos cover a topic new to the Mijingo catalog: Python.

Getting Python resources into the Mijingo catalog was party selfish. I wanted to learn Python and needed the resources to do so. Luckily, my pal Greg Aker was not only good at Python but he was also willing (and most importantly able) to record videos covering two topics:

Python for PHP Developers is a 54 minute video that covers all of the basics of Python for experienced PHP developers. In the video Greg covers topics like classes, strings, data structures, functions, lambdas and more. It’s a great overview of Python and should be your first stop in your journey to learn Python. It’s mine.

PIP and Virtualenv is a shorter 17 minute video that is part of Mijingo’s LunchWith Series. Int his video Greg Aker covers how you can improve your local Python development workflow using virtual environments with Virtualenv and PIP for simpler package managment. This is particulary handy if you’re new to Python and just want to mess around with different packages and setups without completely hosing your global Python installation. The video may only be 17 minutes but the information you learn from it will save you time and frustration every single day.

These videos mark the beginning of my interest in Python and what Greg is planning to create and publish in partnership with Mijingo. Stay tuned for more.

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