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5by5 x 2

For the last two weeks I had the privilege of sitting in for Dan Benjamin as co-host of a handful of shows on his 5by5 network (Dan was out on paternity leave). It was a lot of fun but hard work, too. Dan certainly makes it look easy. There’s a lot happening before and during recording on top of carrying on conversations with his brilliant co-hosts.

I also happened to be filling in during a crazy week in the technology sector: Google announced it will buy Motorola Mobility, HP said it’s getting out of the PC business and shutting down the WebOS product line and Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple. The last shocker came after I recorded my final show but which Dan jumped in to discuss with John Gruber on The Talk Show.


In a way, this surge of big news items made my job easier. There was plenty to talk about on the shows and the big news was right in my wheelhouse. I follow technology companies and regularly read all of the major news stories in that space. The big perk was I got to hop on the mic and talk about the news with some really smart people.

Here’s a list of shows I did:

Dan is back next week and I’m resuming my regular schedule of cool stuff during the day and then creating helpful training materials at night.

Thanks to the 5by5 listeners for the warm welcome.

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