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The Drive-by Technorati

Seth’s Blog: Bring me stuff that’s dead, please:

The drive-by technorati are well-informed, curious and always probing. They’re also hiding… hiding from the real work of creating work that matters, connections with impact and art that lasts. I love to hear about the next big thing, but I’m far more interested in what you’re doing with the old big thing.

Example: look at how local businesses are marketing and innovating on some of the oldest trades.

I recently had a company come clean and regrout our master bath shower. They weren’t a general flooring company that did new floors, contract with builders and other similar work; they only did restoration of existing tiled installations. Marketing themselves as an alternative to ripping out the tiles and starting over, their pitch was: “Pay us to save you money.” Their marketing is brilliantly focused on that idea.

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