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Cameron Moll: Things Just Take Time

Cameron Moll posted his thoughts on “non-startups” (those without significant funding to quickly add resources) In my own business I’ve regularly run into the problem of everything taking much longer than I’d like. I find solace in Cameron’s conclusion:

Accordingly, I’m growing convinced that, unless one works late nights and weekends like a Bay Area startup, it’s difficult for an independent team of two or three to move much faster than a corporate team of twenty.

Of course, I already work many nights and weekends (because I also have a full-time position at Happy Cog) and still find it hard to move quickly on projects.

The advantage of being slower is that I think I can create better products and be more deliberate and thoughtful with my business moves. My customers and my goals drive the business, not a Series A round of funding burning a hole in my business account.

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