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is building Mijingo and doing limited consulting.

After moving to the newest Apple keyboard last year I’m back to the Das Keyboard. Biggest drawbacks are the footprint on my Jarvis Jr. sit/stand desk. And the cable.

Ate at the new KULA Sushi for lunch today. Me and @joeyjanisheck were proud we hit 15 plates to win a “BIKURRA-PON” only to get up and see that the guy next to us did 15 plates + 2 beers on his own.

Micro.blog Workflow

My old friend and former colleague Manton Reece created a microblogging platform with the mission of creating an independent social network of microblogs.

What’s a microblog?

It’s a collection of short messages or “quick thoughts, links to web sites, and replies to friends” that you post to your own site or via the Micro.blog website (they’ll host one for you).

Your microblog posts can be x-posted to Twitter as tweets, too.

Here’s my workflow: I post very short updates to this site that are shorter than both a link post or full article. These are x-posted to Twitter as tweets but the actual content is sourced from my own site, which I fully control. The updates also get fed into the Micro.blog service so I can participate in those social circles.

This is a bit of a shift in thinking but it is nice to keep my important updates (Twitter replies don’t count) included in my own content archive.

When I moved this site to Jekyll almost six years ago, I shared that I was interested in a future-proof way to keep my content:

This Spring I moved the site to Jekyll, which isn’t really a CMS at all. It’s a Ruby tool that generates a static website from a series of text files for entries and layout files. Every time I write a new entry (like this one) the site is completely regenerated. Movable Type did this, too, but Jekyll doesn’t have a GUI, isn’t a web application (you run it completely on your local machine), is free and surely won’t be sold to some weird advertising company. Also, Jekyll generates my site from Markdown files, which are just text files and will never fall victim to obsolete software. Sounds like a winner to me.

Markdown plain text files? Yes, please.

Sourcing my updates from this site and then feeding them out to different services is in keeping with the original idea that my writing is in (mostly?) future-proof text files and won’t fall victim to sunset services or software.

Micro.blog is still in Kickstarter beta but you can sign up to be notified when it launches to the general public.

Got a new business credit card. Cut up the old one and threw it in the trash. Hours later realized I cut up my business debit card instead.

Git Essentials Training

One of the most important and popular topics I teach over at Mijingo is Git.


Back when I was working at an agency I helped onboard designers and developer to Git. It wasn’t always easy because Git isn’t easy. Sure, the first few commands are; we can easily memorize git-add, git-commit, or git-merge. But beyond that or when things go wrong? crickets

Not to get too sales pitchy here on my personal site but that problem above? That’s why I created my Git courses. I asked customers what was missing from those courses and added even more videos to fill it out.

Together they make Git Essentials, 40+ videos and 6 hours of training. It’s a soups to nuts training on Git.

I’m really proud of it. Check it out.

Building Generational Wealth

A system for smartly passing small but effective amounts of money on to future generations.

It keeps accounts from lasting for generations: The longer an individual account lasts, the more complicated it will become and the more likely it will be subject to taxes and possible seizure.

It keeps the giving in a tight family group. After my grandchildren I am not contributing any more money. Every gift of money comes from the parents or the grandparents. These are people who the heirs know and can relate to.

If this is something you choose to do, here’s how you do it.

I know this is probably a controversial approach to money management but, if anything, it’s one rooted in spending less than you earn, saving, and investing what you save. Those are some good habits.

A 3D printer has invaded my studio and now…well, now I’m scanning my office for problems I can solve with a printed object.

Some Salmonella is Okay

A couple years old but still a vaulable read on the state of our food system:

Identifying the cause of an outbreak is much simpler than trying to stop one. Once officials have traced the contamination to a food producer, the responsibility to curb the problem falls to the U.S.D.A.’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, or F.S.I.S. In the summer of 2013, as the outbreak spread, F.S.I.S. officials shared the C.D.C.’s conclusion that Foster Farms meat was behind the outbreak, but they had no power to force a recall of the tainted chicken. Federal law permits a certain level of salmonella contamination in raw meat. But when federal limits are breached, and officials believe that a recall is necessary, their only option is to ask the producer to remove the product voluntarily. Even then, officials may only request a recall when they have proof that the meat is already making customers sick.

Amazon Pushing Lowest Price

Seems like an obvious thing but sometimes the lowest price isn’t from Amazon (“sold by Amazon”). But be careful because cheaper non-Amazon sellers usually have worse fulfillment and shipping.

Two TimeFlips arrived today. One for me and one for a friend. I got the Craft version. https://timeflip.io/

For some reason ZZ (shift-zz) is the most pleasurable of all the Vim commands. A small pleasant tea party between two neighbors.


Just like the tagline says:

Give books away. Get books you want.

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