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Tom Petty

Updated: He’s gone now.

I saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play twice (maybe three times? it’s foggy). I saw him each time with a friend who was my concert going buddy for several years (after being my grad school prof for a couple).

My biggest takeway from those shows was that they were a group of total professionals who had mastered their craft. They were tight, dialed-in, and never messed up. They also didn’t shy away from playing their biggest hits.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were a huge part of my mid-late 1990s. In undergrad I delivered a lot of pizzas, which also mean I listened to hundreds of hours of music while driving. I have specific memories–flashbacks even–that place me in a specific location listening to a specific song.

There was that traffic light at Main St and Baird Lane where It’s Good to be King was playing. Or driving down S. Church Street heading back from a motel delivery with Yer So Bad blasting from the box speakers in the back of my baby blue pickup truck.

There are a lot of those moments for Petty songs, especially off Wildflowers, which was released the Fall of my sophmore year in college.

I don’t listen to his music much these days because I have those memories locked in and don’t want to disrupt them or unintentionally shake them loose.

I’ll occassionally listen to some tunes just to get a taste again. And tonight is as good of a time as ever.

I’ve been working solely on the iPad Pro for the last few days and it is about as unergonomic as you can get. Need a better setup.

Curly Quotes on iOS 11

iOS 11 includes Smart Punctuation, a feature that substitutes some forms of punctuation with those that are more typographically suitable (e.g., “straight” quotes with “smart” quotes). While this smart replacement is suited for writing, it can get in the way if you’re a developer.

It should be smarter. Wrecks everything from coding to command line. Disabled.

New RB Digital App

Recorded Books has just announced the release of a new version of the RBdigital app that combines ita OneClickdigital app and Zinio for Libraries. This effectively brings together an ebook and audiobook app and a magazine app.

One less app for some of my digital library loans.

A contact lens iceberg floating in your eye

Dave, pointing to an Ars article about a lady who had 27 contact lenses stuck in her eye, wonders what he would do next if he wasn’t able to retrieve a lost lens.

I also had this happen after rubbing my eyes too hard while in the shower and one lens got stuck under my eye lid. I had to carefully retrieve it without damaging my eye. I was prepared for an emergency visit to the eye doctor. But I don’t think I’d just ignore it!

Life in a Day

A documentary of the top women ultra runners in the 2016 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

O'Reilly stops selling a la carte

The focus is back on their Safari subscription service instead of one-off sales. I did notice they pushed a lot of deep discounts on the ebooks. It had to be a losing venture when you factor in the per transaction cost. At scale in a broader market, which O’Reilly definitely is, subscription is the only way to go.

Thin Servers

The idea: We move functionality from the server to the edge (desktop, mobile device), repeating until someday there’s nothing left on the server. We could go all the way, but it needs a strong operational backend, something a big company is good at, not so much individuals

Cut All Unnecessary Words

To hone your writing, hire a translator:

Because professional translators charge around 10 cents per word, translating makes you question the value of every sentence.

This reminds me a talk Jeffrey Zeldman gave in 2006 at An Event Apart. I can’t remember the name of the talk (or find a video), but the gist of it was: labor over your sentences and leave in only the words that bring actual meaning. No filler words allowed. I think about Jeffrey’s talk whenever I write.

Adam Keys: If I Were A Producer

If’d been the producer on this track, I’d have tried to convince them that chicken grease chords are cool as heck, but they don’t belong on any of Muse’s album tracks.

The recording studio is a place where ideas seem better than they are. Cushy sofas, stocked kitchen, perhaps even a hot tub (another story for another time), and a perfectly tuned control room with flawless monitors make everything both seem and sound better.

Recessions are great things?

So, as long as you aren’t a Consumer Sucka, commuting to work in a bank-financed gas-powered racing sofa and borrowing money for furniture and appliances to outfit that last spare room in your suburban mansion, recessions are a great thing. Housing and profitable investments become cheaper, insanity and speculation is reset, and people actually start living more frugally again, getting back to the roots of what living a good life really means.

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